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At Livingstone we have people working from all over the world. On a daily basis we speak either Danish or English based on who is working that day.

If you want to apply for a job please come by, call 31326456 or write


Like the real Dr Livingstone we travel around the world for inspiration and a  large part of our team are travellers as well. Sorry he rest of the website is only in Danish.

Let's talk about the benefits!

  • After 3 consequent months of working here, you will be offered a certified Barista Course at our expense.​

  • Meet new friends and socialize at our quarterly staff parties, or you know, whenever you are off shifting. After a tough shift, we always drink a beer together.

  • 60 % off all food and drinks when you are not working. 

What we expect of you:

  • You like servicing others, might it be your friends at dinner or potentially waitering. 

  • You can force a big smile even in a bad mood or situation and see yourself as having a great sense of humor.

  • You own an overview and have the ability to use it in a stressful situation and reevaluate if something could be done smarter.

  • You are organized and generally try to place things in the same place you took them.

  • You see yourself as a highly responsible person both professionally and in your personal life.

The specifics: 

  • Expect that we can offer you 15 hours of work a week with more hours during the summer months.

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