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All day Brunch at Livingstone

As one of Copenhagens most visited brunch restaurants we serve everything from "vesterhavs" cheese, to scrambled egs, to avocado toast.


And as something new in 2023, we have taken Copenhagens most popular a la carte brunch disches such as Eggs Bennedict, French brunch tartar and Shakshuka, and converted them into small dishes. Now you can taste all of them when you are brunching with us at Sortedam lake.

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Unique composition with a unique view

With a view of the lakes you choose 5 or 7 dishes pr. person depending on how hungry you are. You compose for yourselves which of our 18 popular dishes you'd like to try and keep in mind many of the dishes can be shared across the table.

5 dishes: 169 kr.

7 dishes: 199 kr.


Add juice & coffee offer: 74 kr.

Light favorites

  • Red smoothiebowl with chia, peanutbutter, blueberry, coconut and hazelnuts (Vegan, GF).

  • Green Smoothiebowl with apricot, kale, mango and matcha (Vegan).

  • Spinatpandekage with spicy limebutter (Vegetarian).

  • Grube cheese with marmelade (Vegan, GF).

  • Talleggio with tomato relish (Vegetarian, GF).

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Skærmbillede 2023-05-21 kl. 14.29.48.png

Home baking

  • Bread basket with ecological homebaked sourdough, crisp bread, rye bread and butter (Vegan without the butter).

  • Gluttenfree bun.

  • Blini with salmon, creme of herbs and lumpfish roe.

  • Cardamom waffle with pecans, honey and vanilla foam.

Meat, eggs & greens

  • Soft taco with bacon, scrambled eggs & mild habanero.

  • Brunch tartar with cognac, capers and onions.

  • Eggs in spicy tomoatosauce with  peppers and cheese (shakshuka) (V).

  • Egg benedict: Poached egg with Serano and hollandaise. 

  • Vegetarian egg benedict m. spinach and oyster mushrooms (V).

  • Chorizo sausage with chipotle mayo (GF).

  • Thai quinoa salad with chimichurri, rice and beans (V).

  • Baked sweet portatoes with chickpeas and pomegranate.

  • Mediterranean salad with goat cheese, olives tomatoes and chickpeas (V, GF).

  • Gluten free = GF

  • Vegetarian = (V)


Juice & coffee

For your brunch you can order from all the classic coffees, cappuccino, café late and more. In addition we have several fresh juices including orange, Garden (apple, cucumber, lemon, spinach and celery), Red antioxidant (beetroot, apple, ginger & lemon), Hangover (carrot, apple, mango).

Take the special "Juice & Coffee offer" for only 69 kr.

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